Dentist in Broadstairs

We do free consultations for Teeth Whitening , Dental Implants and Line and Wrinkle Correction ! (existing patients only)

Mr J C Dirksen van Schalkwyk hails originally from sunny South Africa but has relocated and settled in the sometimes just as sunny climate of Broadstairs in Kent. He completed his training at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and graduated in 1997. As he is a nice friendly dentist he lets all his staff and patients call him JC but sometimes just for fun he makes everyone pronounce his name correctly just for his entertainment.

As well as keeping up with his ongoing Continuing Professional Development training and requirements with regards to dentistry JC is a highly skilled administrator of line and wrinkle products and has a vast and growing cliental in the facial aesthetics field. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth then a visit to chat about Inman Aligner is a must and a consultation on Teeth Whitening.

Working alongside JC is our hygienist Amy who is here to advise, clean and polish away any unwanted annoying stains on your teeth. Amy is full of information on how to maintain your teeth and how to keep up the good work at home to keep them looking shiny and great.

To make things easy at our clinic we run a dental care plan that gives you benefits of being a member such as 20% off treatment, redundancy cover and emergency holiday cover amongst other things. We are also more than happy to see you on a pay for item basis. Check out the rest of our website to see what other beauty and dental treatments we offer.